Are you new to RC and want to find out more? Have you got an RC car but never raced it or are thinking about getting one but not sure what to get?

At MK we race a number of classes but the most popular and easiest to get into is GT12 which are quite simple to build and run or touring cars. We race indoors most Sunday mornings with different championship classes on each week – see the Calendar section for details of exactly what is running and when. However we always run heats for GT12 even on non-championship days.

So where to start? The first step we’d recommend is come along to see us and view what goes on first hand and ask all the questions you like, you will find that we are a friendly bunch!

If you already have an electric touring car then chances are that you all ready have all of the necessary bits to start racing, but check the Getting Started guide to make sure (note that this was written a while ago so some of the specific recommendations may have been superseded). Then just come along and give it ago. Your first race meeting is free so what have you got to lose?

If you have not got a car yet then use either the Getting Started guide for touring cars or the what to buy for GT12 cars (as before some of the items may have been superseded). You can then either buy the items you need new or second hand. If buying 2nd hand then with most things it is buyer beware of what condition you’re buying, but usually at the club the club members have items for sale and a certain well known on-line auction site has a large RC car section.

You can even try our club car to have ago before you commit your hard earned cash.

If in doubt, contact us with any questions you have.

However you will find that racing RC cars is so much more interesting, exciting and enjoyable than just running them in the local car park or down the road – so what are you waiting for, lets see you racing soon!