MKRCCC are pleased to announce that we now have club cars available for anyone wishing to have a go at RC Car racing.

There are two; a GT12 for novices and for those of you with a little more experience and a 1/10 touring car.

Club Car: Touring Car
If you’re planning to get into RC cars and you’d like to have ago at racing an RC electric touring car before committing your money then MKRCCC have a club car for you to use.
The car is a fully competitive touring car, albeit slightly detuned to make it easier to drive for the novice so you will get a proper touring car experience.
Club Car: GT12
Also available is a GT12 car, ideal for novices and is a great route into RC cars.

The cars must be booked in advance by e-mailing Ian Devonshire so a date can be agreed as the cars won’t be available unless booked with reasonable notice. You will be able to take part in a full race meeting, competing against other relative novices or if time permits have the track available just for you.
Your first time of using the car will be completely free. However for any subsequent bookings a charge of £10 per meeting will be made for to cover your race fee and wear and tear of the car. Whilst we hold a reasonable supply of spares for the car, in the event of it breaking and we are unable to get it working then no alternative is available.
The intent is for people to have a go before they buy their own, not use it instead of buying your own so you may use the loan cars a maximum of 3 times.
You will be expected to follow the normal racing and marshalling etiquette.