Feb 21 Update: I hope everyone is has been safe and well during the lockdown period. With much talk about getting the country back to some sort of normality, it felt appropriate to layout the plans for getting racing at MK back to normality, whilst still following the relevant social distancing and PPE guidelines.

Step 1 will be a return to outdoor racing using the temporary tarmac track near Winslow. We need two things to be in place for this; 1) Conformation from the BRCA that we can return to outdoor racing (based on the government guidance) and 2) Notification by the government that everyone over the age of 50 have been offered an initial jab plus a little time to allow the vaccination benefits to kick in (as a sizable proportion of our regular racers fall into this demographic). Like the government we can’t set these dates into stone but its likely to be around mid-May – just in time for the nice weather.

Step 2 is the return to indoor racing. For this to happen we need; 1) Conformation from the BRCA that we can return to indoor racing, 2) MK Council to have relaxed its maximum limit of 6 people per group at any one time and 3) The hall to have financially survived lockdown. Dates for when this will happen are far less certain so we will update everyone when we know more.

Back to the outdoor racing – we learnt last time that cars with rubber rather than foam tyres work best so will focus on MTC, Mini and Touring Car classes. So you have time to dig one out of the shed or buy one. Whilst ever the venue costs are minimal to us, outdoor racing will be FREE to everyone who races. Once we go indoors, racing fee’s will be reintroduced as we will have the hall hire costs to cover.

I hope this gives something the local RC racers can look forward to and start to prepare for. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the most up to date information